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Total commemorative banknotes issued is under 1,500 pieces. If you have achieved any figures close to this, then you are doing extremely well, as many of the older commemorative notes are hard to find even in poor conditions.

Opinion: Many collectors of commemorative banknotes would have come across with those Somaliland sets overprinted with gold and silver texts with the following wordings - 5th Anniversary of Independence 18 May 1996 [Sanad Gurade 5ee Gobanimadda 18 May 1996]. I believe these are "home made" (or fake) and not authorised by the central bank. My argument is simple. No central bank would have issued an overprint commemorative banknote that the texts are so large that it would cover the two signatures on the note as well as part of the serial numbers. Even if these are genuine notes, then these could be issued as souvenir sheets and not as legal tender. As I said before, this is my opinion. If you have paid top dollars for these, please think about my argument. There is always a sucker around the corner, including me of course!

All comments are most welcome but it has to be subjects related to banknotes or banknotes collection. If not, it will not be approved. Thanks

05 March 2011

Singapore - $2 Commemorative

Two Dollars, ND1994 P31A
25th Anniversary of Board of Commissioner of Currency Singapore (BCCS)


  1. Hi, do you konow the range of the serial numbers? I know that only 10,000pcs were issued.

  2. Hi Clement

    I am afraid I don't. I am still missing the other S$2 note that issued together with a book. I know that this one is hard to find now, just like the $50 BCCS to MAS issue.

    Thanks for the info regarding the quantity issued.

  3. Hi, The book concerned was published by Money World Asia Pte Ltd and the note was issued with it. It was released 25 August 1994 during the MoneyWorld Asia Exhibition held at the old World Trade Centre(where Vivocity now stands) I happened to have just two of the books with the notes but can't remember the selling price. Can you recall how much was it?

  4. Hi Clement

    I have no idea what was the originally selling price for that note, but according to ST catalogue, the above note was issued in 1994, and the other $2 commemorative note issued with the book - Predence At The Helm 1967-1992 was issued on 12.6.1992. I am sure you too are aware of this. As I said, I am still looking for the 1992 issue for my collection!

  5. Hi Clement

    Found it. S$60 was the original issue price.

    Check this out here for more info; -


  6. Hi,
    The $60 price was for the Prudence At The Helm.Nothing mentioned about the Singapore Moneybook.

  7. Hi Clement,

    In that case, I have no idea what was the issue price for the above note. MAS didn't mention this note except the uncut sheet.