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Total commemorative banknotes issued is under 1,500 pieces. If you have achieved any figures close to this, then you are doing extremely well, as many of the older commemorative notes are hard to find even in poor conditions.

Opinion: Many collectors of commemorative banknotes would have come across with those Somaliland sets overprinted with gold and silver texts with the following wordings - 5th Anniversary of Independence 18 May 1996 [Sanad Gurade 5ee Gobanimadda 18 May 1996]. I believe these are "home made" (or fake) and not authorised by the central bank. My argument is simple. No central bank would have issued an overprint commemorative banknote that the texts are so large that it would cover the two signatures on the note as well as part of the serial numbers. Even if these are genuine notes, then these could be issued as souvenir sheets and not as legal tender. As I said before, this is my opinion. If you have paid top dollars for these, please think about my argument. There is always a sucker around the corner, including me of course!

All comments are most welcome but it has to be subjects related to banknotes or banknotes collection. If not, it will not be approved. Thanks

05 January 2019

...Guernsey - £20 End of the First World War 100th Year Anniversary 1918-2018

Bailiwick of Guernsey

This is a Commemorative note released on 08/11/2018, commemorating 100 Years of the End of the First World War 1918 - 2018.

The first world war started on 28/07/1914, 31 days following the assassination of the crown prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (b 18/12/1863) and his wife Sophie (b 01/03/1868) in Sarajevo by Gavrillo Princip during their official visit on 28/06/1914. War was declared against the Kingdom of Serbia (1882-1918) by the Austrian-Hungary empire after it received assurance from Germany's support. The war then went on for 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks and ended at 11.00 am on 11/11/1918.

The design of this note is basically the same as those previously issued since 1996 but with additional text/features added to the design. Below are some of these features;

1) Commemorative text: The Great War 1914-1918; 100 Years Commemoration;
2) A police panic whistle with string is added to the design just under the commemorative text;
3) The security hologram has been replaced by an image of a silver poppy;
4) Leaf wreath surrounding the gold seal of Guernsey has been replaced by at least 29 poppies;
5) Special prefix TG/W (The Great War);
6) The signature title has been reverted back to States Treasurer. Previously it was Chief Accountant; 
7) On the reverse, the flowers on the lower left hand corner have been replaced by two large poppies;
8) The words, "St. Sampson's Church" is printed in black/dark brown instead of red. 

The note is signed by Bethan Haines, who has been signing on Guernsey banknotes since 2009. A total of 500,000 pieces printed for this special commemorative. This note posted here comes from the first bundle.

Watermark: Queen Elizabeth The Second
Imprinter: De La Rue

Twenty Pounds
Dated 2018

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