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Total commemorative banknotes issued is under 1,500 pieces. If you have achieved any figures close to this, then you are doing extremely well, as many of the older commemorative notes are hard to find even in poor conditions.

Opinion: Many collectors of commemorative banknotes would have come across with those Somaliland sets overprinted with gold and silver texts with the following wordings - 5th Anniversary of Independence 18 May 1996 [Sanad Gurade 5ee Gobanimadda 18 May 1996]. I believe these are "home made" (or fake) and not authorised by the central bank. My argument is simple. No central bank would have issued an overprint commemorative banknote that the texts are so large that it would cover the two signatures on the note as well as part of the serial numbers. Even if these are genuine notes, then these could be issued as souvenir sheets and not as legal tender. As I said before, this is my opinion. If you have paid top dollars for these, please think about my argument. There is always a sucker around the corner, including me of course!

All comments are most welcome but it has to be subjects related to banknotes or banknotes collection. If not, it will not be approved. Thanks

05 June 2022

..Guyana - $2000 Commemorative Polymer Banknote 55th Year Of Independence

 Cooperative Republic Of Guyana

Bank of Guyana
Currency - Dollar (GYD)
In 2016, the Bank of Guyana released a $50 commemorative banknote celebrating the country's 50th year of independence from the British (1966-2016). Independence day is celebrated on the 26th of May. Guyana was first colonised by the Dutch until 1814 and then came the British until 1966.
In 2022, the Bank of Guyana released a $2,000 commemorative banknote to commemorate the country's 55th year of independence. The 55th Anniversary celebration was supposed to be in 2021, however due to the pandemic, the release was delayed until in early 2022. This note was launched on 12.02.2022. However, two commemorative coins of $100 and $10000 were issued in 2021 to celebrate this special occasion.
This is the first time that a denomination of $2000 is issued in the country, but not the largest. In 2013, the Bank of Guyana released a normal circulating note of $5,000. This is also the second time a commemorative banknote is issued since its independence.

Guyana has a rather small population of just under 750,000, and is a relatively poor country with almost half the working forces are earning less then US$6 a day. The country has a long history of territory dispute with their neighbour, Venezuela. Venezuela claims about 74% of the land of Guyana on the western side of Guyana.. This dispute started between their former colonial masters well before their independence. The disputing parties were the Spanish for Venezuela and the Netherlands and then the British for Guyana. The Spanish called the disputed land as Guayana Esequiba (or Territorio del Esequibo). Venezuela called the disputed land as Zona en Reclamacion (Zone in Reclamation). Whilst agreements were signed by both parties to resolve this in a peaceful manner, this matter is still not resolved as at today, and I do not believe this will ever resolve unless Venezuela agrees to give up the claim. Needless to say, the Government of Guyana will not agree to the claim, and if they do, it will reduce the country by two thirds of its current size.
This note is printed on polymer substrate and this is also the first time a polymer note is issued.
Two Thousand Dollars 
Flag of Guyana, bank's logo and map

Front - On the front, it depicts President Irfan Ali's 'One Guyana' agenda. Flag of Guyana on the background, Wai-Wai patternas a show of respect for the country's indigenous heritage. Other features depicted on the notes are the map of Guyana with its natural resources, the Bank of Guyana's logo and the Guyana's national animal - the Jaguar (transparent window). The label of Guyana's 55th Independence Anniversary - is also printed on the note;

Governor - Dr Gobind Ganga (since November 2014)
Vice President of Guyana - Bharrat Jagdeo (since 02.08.2020)
Dimensions - 156mm x 65mm

Back - Six children of different ethnic groups representing many races but only one Guyanese. This is clearly the country is promoting harmony among its own people of all difference races. The first time I saw such a theme or design was the Jamaican $2 commemorative note issued in 1973, and more recently the Fijian $50 commemorative note issued in 2020.

Six children of different ethnic groups

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